If you have just recently had a tattoo or are looking for information on what to expect after you receive a tattoo, this section is for you.

Properly healing your tattoo requires a partnership between you and your artist. As a professional, your artist will provide you with the best tattoo they can, but after you leave the studio the rest is up to you!

Improper aftercare can lead to faded or patchy looking tattoos, scarring or even infection. These guidelines will hopefully give you the best results, but please remember that each person is unique, so contact us if you have any concerns or further questions.

  1. Your tattoo will be covered on leaving the studio. Please leave this covering on until you return home.
  2. Once home, remove and dispose of the covering. Wash your hands, then gently wash your tattoo with warm water and mild soap. Soaps which are too perfumed can be irritating on a fresh tattoo. Gently remove any grease and/or dried blood using only your hands. Do not use any cloths/flannels/loofas. Rinse off any remaining soap.
  3. After washing your tattoo, dry thoroughly with a clean towel by dabbing (not rubbing).
  4. Allow your tattoo to air dry. Avoid touching it or wearing irritating clothes, or anything that might stick to it.
  5. Repeat this process again before bed. New tattoos can sometimes "leak" ink the first night so it is best not to use new bedding or clothing.
  6. We suggest only applying moisturiser (plain, non-perfumed and water-based) after the first week when the tattoo is beginning to flake, do this gently and minimally, no more than two times a day.
Your tattoo will begin to heal, a process which usually takes up to two weeks to complete. Again, everyone is different, so you may heal a bit faster or slower than others. These are a few normal things you may experience which should not raise concern:
  1. Within the first few days, your tattoo will begin to dry out and scab or flake. Colours will dull as the top few layers of your skin die off and new skin is grown underneath. Do not be tempted to over moisturise. Do not pick or scratch at the scabs. Opening the scabs can lead to loss of ink or leave the tattoo open to infection. While scabs and flakes are normal, thick scabbing which cracks or bleeds or appears to contain puss may not be and you should contact the studio for advice.
  2. Initially there may be some redness and/or bruising around your tattoo. This is normal, however if it does not start to lighten by the 4th or 5th day, please contact the studio to discuss.
  3. Itching is normal and a sign of healing. Do not scratch the tattoo. However, please contact the studio if the level of itching seems abnormal, persistent and is causing a lot of discomfort. Stop using any moisturisers or creams or soaps as these could be causing an allergic reaction.
  4. After the scabs/flakes fall off, the skin is new and can appear shiny and slightly wrinkly. You should still be gentle with your tattoo and continue to moisturise however at this stage it is mostly healed and you do not need to take as many precautions with it. The colours should appear brighter and after a few more days the shine should dissipate and the tattoo will be healed. At this point, if you notice you have lost any ink during healing and need a re-hit, you can contact the studio for an appointment.
Kewpie Tattoo Studio guarantees its tattoos up to 3 months after your appointment and as long as proper aftercare was followed, there is no charge. Other studios may follow different policies. Always contact the studio you got the tattoo from.

A few more Dos and Do Nots...

  • Do Not submerge your fresh tattoo in water. Avoid swimming pools, hot baths unless your tattoo is in a place that can be kept out of the water, and the ocean. Showering is fine but avoid excessive heat/lengthy showers.
  • Do Not plan a tattoo if you are going on holiday in the coming few weeks, especially someplace hot (see above)!
  • Do use sunscreen on existing tattoos. Sun damage can lead to premature fading of the ink. Even just a SPF 15 can make a difference. This also applies to sun beds.
  • Do Not book a tattoo for right after you've returned from holiday if you have sunburn. We will have to reschedule until your skin is healed.
  • Do always wash your hands before washing your tattoo or applying ointment. A fresh tattoo is like any other skin abrasion which you want to keep clean.
  • Do Not let others touch your fresh tattoo. Again, keeping it clean and germ free is a priority.
  • Do Not wear fuzzy/fluffy material over your fresh tattoo as this might lead to heavy scabbing and/or loss of scabs and ink.
This may seem like a lot of information but if you remember to keep your tattoo clean and dry and mostly just leave it alone, it should heal just fine. Always feel free to contact us with any further questions.

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