To our Wonderful Clients,

Thank you for booking in with Kewpie Tattoo Studio! We are writing this to inform you of the new procedures we've put in place in order to keep us all safe during the ongoing pandemic of the Covid-19 virus. We are VERY excited to get back to providing you with the best possible tattoos and experience!

Please read through this document carefully as this will affect how you may have been used to getting tattooed in the past, and how we will continue to operate in the future. Non-compliance with any of our new procedures will result in a termination of your appointment and invalidate your deposit, so again, please read carefully before booking to be sure you are comfortable with our new policies. Please also be patient with us as WE get used to our new reality and regulations, as well. There may be some tweaks and changes as we find out what works best. We will strive to make you aware of any changes before your appointments.

Kewpie Tattoo Studio Post Covid-19 Policies:


1. All appointments (either tattoo or in-person consultations when necessary) must be booked in advance. Ideally over email, either with the studio or your personal artist. We may be able to take bookings over the phone in very special circumstances but email is best so we can easily provide you with our best customer service prior to your appointment.

2. As there is now a track and trace app available, we are no longer requiring the "pre-consent" form. We are encouraging all of our visitors to download the app and scan our QR code upon arrival, however this is not a legal requirement (at the time of writing this). You will still have to fill in our actual consent form each time you visit the studio. All forms are kept in individual files and kept private, only accessible by your tattooist.

3. We will strive to complete all of our consultations over email, answering any questions and working with you on your design to allow for minimal contact or need to travel to the studio more times than necessary. IF it is deemed an in-person consultation is needed, we will schedule this with you as soon as possible.

4. Once we can start taking the booking, we will need a deposit up front (£20 per hour, as normal) in order to secure your booking and begin working on your design. From this point, the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. Failure to comply with our policies and PPE requirements, changing your mind or having to cancel will not be cause for a refund. If, leading up to your appointment, you become ill for any reason, are required to isolate or if someone in your household tests positive for Covid-19, you MUST contact us prior to your appointment to reschedule. Either in 3 weeks time (symptom free, depending on availability) or if you are able to provide a very recent "negative" test. Your deposit will be carried over 100% if you have been able to give us at least 24 hour notice, and 50% if you have to cancel the morning of. If no notice is given, we retain the deposit and a new one will have to be left to reschedule. Showing up to the studio knowingly ill will result in a need for a new deposit to re-book.

Arriving for your tattoo appointment:

1. Please arrive 15 minutes EARLY for your scheduled appointment. This gives us more time to fill out forms and follow our new procedures, allowing us more time for your tattoo. Arriving late, without notice, will result in a loss of your deposit and rescheduling of your appointment should you choose to leave a new deposit.

2. Please only arrive at the FRONT DOOR. Parking is available in back still, but you will have to walk around to enter from the front. (Please inform us of any special needs and we can make adaptions to this).

3. Please CALL or TEXT to let us know you are arriving/have arrived. Your artist will be waiting upon your arrival. Avoid touching the front door. Your artist will unlock and open the front door for you. If you do not have a mobil phone, please let us know prior to your appointment.

4. You must wear a MASK upon entering, covering both your nose and mouth. You can either bring your own, or pre-arrange to buy one from your artist for the price of £5 and your artist will hand it to you for entry.


6. We will take and record your TEMPERATURE (with a laser thermometer) on your consent form, upon arrival. Any high (RED) temperature will result in the cancellation of your appointment. Slightly raised temps may be left to the consideration of the artist (say it's a hot day and you had a walk from the station... we might allow a higher than “normal” temperature on arrival).

7. You will be asked to use the hand sanitiser provided at the entrance which must be spread on hands for 20 seconds and allowed to dry before a pair of gloves will be provided to wear.

8. You will be asked to fill out our new CONSENT FORM with the pen provided (sterilised between each use by the artist). Please place in the appropriate artist's folder and you will then be allowed to enter reception. Your artist will open and close the door for you.

9. If possible, please STAND in reception and refrain from touching anything. If you are unable to stand, we will provide a chair for you to rest on.

10. Your artist will then review your consent form. If all looks ok, we will take any measurements and lead you to your tattoo room where you can relax while we make any stencils etc.

11. During your tattoo, you will be required to wear a MASK and FACE SHIELD. The face shield will be provided. Your artist will walk you through this and will only be required during the actual tattoo.

12. We can hopefully expect your tattoo to now proceed as normal from here.

13. Once finished, your artist will wrap your tattoo, provide you with after-care instructions, take payment and remove your face shield and gloves.

14. Please wait for your artist to open any doors for your exit.

A Few Notes:

We will do our best to discuss how to pay prior to your appointment. If you are able, PayPal and Bank Transfers will be encouraged at the studio. If you are paying cash, exact amounts will be needed. No change will be provided or cash kept on the premises.

Please bring any specialty drinks or candy you might want during your appointment with you. We will be unable to provide hot drinks. Water will be provided if needed.

Please feel free to be open with us about any concerns or questions you might have. We will do our best to answer and accommodate you the best we can, within our abilities.

Thank You for taking the time to read through this and for your patience while working with us. Our team here at Kewpie Tattoo Studio takes enormous pride in what we do and that means keeping us ALL as safe as possible at ALL TIMES! We look forward to our future and ongoing relationships with new and long time clients and can't tell you how much your continued support means to all of us here.

With Love,

The Kewpie Team

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